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Endings and Beginnings: A Collection of Delicious Desserts and Appetizers

by Victoria Eustice

A Collection of Delicious Desserts and Appetizers

Paperback: 82 pages
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Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (October 6, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 0595371515

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Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.; ISBN: B000BYNVR4; (October 2005)
Language: English

Book Description
Victoria Eustice has been delighting family and friends for years with her "Here, taste this" approach to desserts and appetizers. Finally, some of her favorite recipes are made available for you to try.

About the Author
Victoria Eustice lives in Fairfax, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. with her husband. As a child, she looked forward to visits with her grandmother whose love of baking was instilled in her granddaughter. Victoria drew on the positive feelings people get when eating delicious food and opened up a little "Cakery" over 20 years ago which is still in business today. Since her retirement, she still likes nothing better than spending time in the kitchen. Here is a cookbook of some of her favorite tested recipes.

Review by Diana's Desserts:

I was delighted to receive an email from Victoria Eustice, the author of this comprehensive little cookbook of her desserts and appetizers, Endings and Beginnings. Victoria had visited my website and had observed that I write articles for my site about cookbooks that I recommend. She wondered if I'd be interested in her giving me a copy of her book to read and review, and if I liked it, would I consider featuring it on Diana's Desserts website. I, of course, said yes, and she immediately sent me out a copy.

As I read through the recipes, I thought to myself, this is a great idea, publishing a small cookbook for just desserts and appetizers, dishes that anyone can use for almost any occasion; when just a couple of friends drop by for a visit or for a very special celebration. Victoria includes in her book some very basic and I might say EASY dishes that can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. There are not HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of recipes with lots of photos, but the 60 or so recipes in this book are ones that people will want to make time and time again over the years and mother's, father's, grandmother's and grandfather's, etc. will want to share and hand down to their children and grandchildren. I'm sure many will become family favorites.

A few of Victoria's dessert recipes from her book include Jan's Mother's Friend's Carrot Cake (a real winner, indeed), Chocolate Caramel Pie (does this sound decadent or what?), Pumpkin Bread Pudding (great for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas or for just a nice comfort food dessert), and for examples of appetizers, there is MS. Miller's Sante Fe Crab Cakes coated with chopped pecans, cornmeal and bread crumbs (if you like chile peppers, you'll love these great little crab cakes), Cathy's Texas Caviar (no fish eggs in THIS caviar, made with a wonderful combination of black beans, salsa, canned corn, diced tomatoes, chiles and other condiments). Victoria suggests serving the "caviar" with MS. Miller's Santa Fe Crab Cakes or tortilla chips.

The book also includes some very basic recipes for Frostings, Sauces and Sweetened Whipped Cream. Already one of my favorites is Victoria's recipe for Caramel Sauce, so easy to make using store-bought soft caramels and whipping cream, so yummy drizzled over ice cream or topping a big slice of apple pie with. There is also Victoria's favorite apple pie recipe, The Worlds Best Apple Pie where Mrs. Eustice suggests using your favorite 9-inch pie crust recipe.

I highly recommend this special little book. It will become one of your favorite cookbooks to grab when you need a recipe for an appetizer or dessert (or both) that is tasty and reliable and and that everyone you entertain will enjoy.

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