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Williams-Sonoma Kid's Baking

Written by Chuck Williams, Abigail Johnson Dodge, Jason Lowe, Joy Gosney

From the Publisher

Parents who want to teach their children the fun and finesse of baking will find a firm ally in Kids Baking from Williams-Sonoma. Aimed at children age 6 and up, this volume offers a firm foundation in the art and science of baking. Centered around 30 recipes that kids will not only love to bake but also love to eat, Kids Baking is the primer in a basic life skill that the schools leave out of today's curriculum. From the principles of kitchen organization to basic baking techniques, this book teaches kids all they really need to know about baking and didn't learn in kindergarten.

This primer teaches younger children the principles of kitchen organization to basic baking techniques. 225 photos.

Review by Diana's Desserts:

From cookies, cakes, cupcakes and yeast breads, the recipes in this great baking cookbook for kid's (reading level from ages 4 to 8) from Williams-Sonoma is one that all families that want their children to learn to cook and bake should include in their cookbook library (or keep in the kitchen). This truly helpful book includes the "basics" for easily understood recipes that your kids will thoroughly enjoy and gain a little knowledge of the science of baking also. They will learn about "how to measure" ingredients such as butter and wet and dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk, etc.

Included are photos and illustrations on how to prepare baking dishes and pans, sifting flour, cracking eggs, beating butter and sugar (creaming), cutting butter into flour, rinsing fruits, peeling fruits and vegetables, zesting and juicing citrus fruits, etc.

The recipes were obviously chosen to be ones that children like to eat and include cookies, breads, pretzels, pizza, pies, and cake. Williams-Sonoma Kid's Baking is a great introduction to baking that children can read themselves and is highly recommended.

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