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Tarts With Tops On or How To Make The Perfect Pie

Author: Tamasin Day-Lewis
Photographer: David Loftus

Hardcover: 143 pages
Color photographs
Publisher: Miramax; (September 24, 2003)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly:
In her first American publication, British food writer Day-Lewis presents sweet and savory pies, covering English, American and traditional pies. Many of her savory pies, accompanied by helpful full-color photos, are wonderfully hearty, such as Galician Pork and Sausage Pie and Somerset Pork Pie with Cider and Apples. There's also the delectable Rabbit Pie, made with prunes, apple cider, bacon and sage, as well as Salmon Baked in Pastry with Ginger and Currants. Day-Lewis naturally offers a version of the Shepherd's Pie ("the classic Monday supper after a Sunday roast"). She includes a selection of raised pies, such as the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, with pork shoulder and back bacon, as well as a Game Pie, which can be made with pheasant, partridge or grouse. Her sweet pies are just as classic and comforting, such as a Sour Cream Apple and Walnut Pie; and in a section devoted to American pies, she includes recipes for Pecan Pie and Mississippi Mud Pie.
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Book Description

"Is there anyone who doesn't inwardly melt at the sight of a golden glazed pie crust with its little cottage chimney of steam wafting the scent of buried juices, the auguries of delight of what lies beneath? A classic steak and kidney, a soothing chicken pie, the crisp crumbliness of a raised hot water pie crust, the sugar-topped exuberance of a fruit pie, its crackling of sweetness concealing the acid fruit below, the buttery spiced whiff of an apple pie..."

Tarts with Tops On is a celebration of the pie, this most traditional, comforting, and delicious of foods, as enjoyable in the making as in the eating. Tamasin Day-Lewis draws upon classic combinations to create her own versions of many savory pies, such as Bacon and Egg Pie; the Cornish Pasty; Tourte de Pacques, a traditional Easter pie with eggs, artichokes, and spinach; Hunter's Pie; and a delicious Feta, Rice and Yogurt Pie. There is a selection of Other People's Pies, Sweet Pies, and a chapter on American Pies that includes Shaker Lemon; Key Lime; Mississippi Mud and Jefferson Davis Pies. Tamasin shows how to make pastry for every type of pie, easy infallible recipes that produce pastry invariably superior to anything you can buy. Savory or sweet, simple or sophisticated, traditional or innovative, Tarts with Tops On has a pie to impress for every occasion.

About the Author
Tamasin Day-Lewis is widely regarded as one of the top food writers today. She is a regular contributor to Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The Daily Telegraph. Her first U.S. publication, The Art of the Tart, was published in 2001. Tamasin has just launched her first food show in Britain, Tamasin's Weekends. She lives in western England and Ireland.

Review by Diana's Desserts:

Tarts With Tops On or How To Make The Perfect Pie is a delightful cookbook filled with dozens of recipes for pies, both savory and sweet. From the very English Chicken Pie to the sweet and yummy Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pie, to the traditional Cornish Pasties to the American style Black Bottom Cream Pie (this one I will definitely be making); all of these luscious pies are so tempting to make and with gorgeous full color photos included showing off these beauties.

Tamasin Day-Lewis (the author) has a way with words and explains the recipes so most anyone can understand how to make her lovely desserts and entrees. She also borrows some great pie and tart recipes from other famous chefs and includes them in the book because of her admiration of their wonderful creations. We can be happy that she choose to include these recipes as they themselves are well worth the purchase of this cookbook. I especially like George Morley's Plum and Almond Pie. This is the fourth time Morley has contributed to Tamasin Day-Lewis' cookbooks and it shows that Day-Lewis is definitely well-liked and appreciated for her cooking and baking by her peers.

If you enjoy the making and eating of real "comfort food", then Tarts With Tops On is a great book to include in your cookbook library; you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend this truly inspring book.

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