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Death by Chocolate: The Last Word on a Consuming Passion

by Marcel Desaulniers, Michael Grand (Photographer)

Hardcover: 155 pages
Color Photographs
Publisher: Rizzoli (May 15, 1993)
Second Edition, Revised October 2003

Book Description

From the Publisher:
This Expanded Edition of the Classic Chocolate Dessert cookbook is about obsession, cravings, and licit indulgences. It is about deliriously delicious, silkily sensuous, soul-stirring chocolate desserts, about Rabelaisian pleasures, and fantasies come true. These seductive cakes, elegant ice creams, lustrous sauces, mouthwatering truffles, divine wafers, and unbelievably satisfying brownies are all from the kitchen of Marcel Desaulniers, a truly inspired chef. At the Trellis Restaurant, in Colonial Williamsburg, Marcel Desaulniers has created a unique and innovative cuisine. One of the joys of the Trellis is it's extraordinary desserts: Chocolate Phantasmagoria, White and Dark Chocolate Dacquoise, and Death by Chocolate -- to name just a few. The recipes for these and other magnificent desserts are now revealed, detailed with foolproof, step-by-step instructions. Following the author's invaluable advice the home cook can successfully create even the most elaborate of these chocolate wonders. From a unique Chocolate Chip Cookie that will make all others pale by comparison to Simply the Best Chocolate Brownie, from Ebony and Ivory Chocolate Truffles to White Chocolate Ice Cream, from Double Mocha Madness to a fantastic Chocolate Wedding Cake, the kaleidoscopic glories of Marcel Desaulniers' chocolate repertoire are presented here in full color, each as delightful to make as it is to eat. This is a book for endless pleasure.

From The Critics

Publisher's Weekly

The resurrection of Desaulniers' classic compilation will delight chocoholics. Glossy pages hold photographs of tempting decadent desserts- perfectly tempered truffles and tiered mousse cakes-that should inspire home bakers to break out the Baker's chocolate bars and get cooking. The first edition, which won The James Beard Award in 1993 for Best Dessert Book, has been expanded to celebrate its 10th anniversary. New recipes like The "Big Dig" complement traditional classics like Chocolate Espresso Fudge Cake. Two days work is recommended to create and assemble the Dig's four layers: chocolate blacktop batter cake, triple chocolate barrier, double chocolate pudding and whipped cream topper. Assembled into a chocolate cylinder, the dessert is pure chocolate dementia. Desaulniers is a master at layering flavors and textures; though the recipes are difficult (even the seemingly simple Essential Chocolate Mousses need careful attention), they are worth the effort. The instructions are as rich as the desserts: Desaulniers holds the reader's hand, advising on complex techniques: his notes on what the batter should look like at each step are particularly helpful. And there are notes of humor as well. At the end of the spectacular five-page recipe for Chocolate Wedlock, he advises the pastry chef to "quaff a well-chilled glass of champagne... you deserve it!" (The section "A Touch of Chocolate" contains slightly more restrained recipes, like Red Pear Sorbet and White Chocolate "Ice Cream" with Pralines and Caramel Sabayon.) This is death worth living by. (Jan.)
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Review by Diana's Desserts:
Marcel Desaulniers' recipes are in one word, "marvelous".

Yes, it may be said that some of his recipes will keep you in the kitchen all day (at least it seems that way), but oh, are the desserts worth it. Even though some of Mr. Desaulniers recipes seem difficult and complicated, he explains all of them so well, so a home baker will understand. If you want to impress your guests (or just yourself), you will do it with these extraordinary chocolate delights.

Even if you do not own the very latest in kitchen utensils, Desaulniers explains how to work with what you DO have. This is definitely a plus for the Home Baker.

This cookbook is not only loaded with "to die for" recipes, but the color photographs (75 of them in all), are lovely just to gaze at, and "to dream" of these exciting delights. Each of the many and exquisite desserts are not only a pleasure to eat, but you will love what you accomplished after you have made one of these scrumptious creations.

I am including Marcel Desaulniers recipes for Dark Chocolate Mousse and White Chocolate Mousse (or as Mr. Dasaulniers calls them "The Essential Chocolate Mousses") in this Featured Cookbook Section as I feel (very strongly) that guest's to Diana's Desserts Website will definitely appreciate them. I know that most of you (including myslef) want to achieve the best Chocolate Mousse we can. With Desaulniers recipes and with his guidance, I feel this can be achived.

Once you've experienced "Death by Chocolate", I suggest getting "Death by Chocolate Cakes", another marvel by Mr. Desaulniers. .............DianasDesserts.com

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