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Pumpkin Marble Cheesecake

Servings: 12
Pumpkin Marble Cheesecake has become an American favorite for a Thanksgivng or Christmas dessert in the last 10 to 20 years; running a very close second to Plain Pumpkin Cheesecake, and to the all-time favorite Pumpkin Pie. This is a very easy and basic recipe that almost anyone can prepare that has just even a little knowledge of baking. It's truly a yummy dessert that even people who don't care for pumpkin, seem to like quite alot!

2 cups finely crushed ginger snap cookies
1/2 cup finely chopped pecans
6 tbsp. butter or margarine, melted
3 packages (8 oz. each) cream cheese, softened* (See Tip below on How To Soften Cream Cheese)
1 cup granulated sugar, divided
1 tsp. vanilla extract
3 large eggs
1 cup canned 100% pure pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
dash ground cloves

Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C).

Note: If using a dark colored nonstick springform pan, preheat oven to 300°F (150°C) instead.

Mix together the ginger snap cookie crumbs, chopped pecans and melted butter; press into bottom and 2 inches up the sides of 9-inch springform pan.

Beat the cream cheese, 3/4 cup of the sugar and vanilla with electric mixer until well blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing on low speed after each addition just until blended. Reserve 1 1/2 cups of the plain cream cheese batter. Stir remaining 1/4 cup sugar, pumpkin and spices into remaining (larger amount batter) batter. Spoon 1/2 of the pumpkin batter over crust; top with spoonfuls of 1/2 of the reserved plain batter. Repeat layers. Cut through batters with knife several times for a marbled effect.

Bake at 325°F (160°C) for 55 minutes or until center is almost set if using a silver springform pan. (Or, bake at 300°F for 55 minutes if using a dark nonstick springform pan.) Loosen cake from side of pan; cool before removing side of pan. Refrigerate cheesecake for 6 hours or overnight. Serve chilled, and refrigerate any leftovers.

Makes 12 servings.

How To Soften Cream Cheese:
Place completely unwrapped packages of cream cheese in microwavable bowl. Microwave on HIGH 30 to 45 seconds or until slightly softened.

Recipe adapted from Kraft Foods.

Source: DianasDesserts.com
Date: February 20, 2002-Revised on Nov. 27, 2003