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Recipes for Brownies - Bar Desserts

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Baker's Best Cranberry-Chocolate Brownies Best-Ever Brownies Blondies Brownies with Chocolate Covered Raisins Buttermilk Brownies with Rich Chocolate Frosting Cakey Brownies with White Chocolate Icing Cherry Cream Cheese Brownies Chocolate and Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies Chocolate Cherry Bars Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies Chocolate Espresso Bars Chocolate Frosted Brownies Chocolate Fudge Almond Brownies Chocolate Maple Nut Bars Chocolate Mint Brownies ala Mode Chocolate Peppermint Slice Chocolate Walnut Caramel Squares Chocolate-Raspberry Brownies Cinnamon Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Ganache Classic Date Bars Cranberry Brownie Bars Cream Cheese Apricot Brownies Cream Cheese Brownies with Chocolate Chips Dark Chocolate Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting Deep Dark Cakey Brownies Double Fudge Brownie Chunks Easy Rum Cheesecake Bars Frosted Pineapple Squares Fudge Frosted Brownies Fudgy Orange Brownies Gluten-Free Brownies Italian Cheesecake Brownies Jelly Slice Lemon Bars Linzertorte Bars Lovely Lemon Curd Bars Luscious Brownies with Chocolate Orange Ganache Mexican Chocolate Pecan Brownies Michael Recchiuti’s Brownies Mini Morsel Shortbread Squares Mock Lemon Meringue Bars Nutty Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies Old-Fashion Cakey Brownies Peanut Butter and Fudge Brownies Peanut Butter Brownies Peanut Butter Swirl Chocolate Brownies Peanuttty Fruit Bars Pear Bars with Pear Sauce Pecan Nougat Oatmeal Bars Raspberry Brownies Rosie's Orange Bars Sour Cream Swirled Brownies Truffle Brownies Tupelo Bars Walnut Crunch Brownies White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Brownies Zowie Zucchini Bars