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New Orleans Classic Desserts

by Kit Wohl


A visually rich sampling of New Orleans' sweet tooth. This gift cookbook includes desserts gathered from 45 quintessential New Orleans restaurants and personalities, colorful histories of famous New Orleans original confections like Roman candy and pralines, musings on the significance of each dessert, and mentions of notable local restaurants where visitors can taste the treats themselves. Even if you never intend to make any of these desserts in your own kitchen, the artful photographs and captivating culinary and cultural information are filling enough. Selections include bread pudding from Bon Ton Café, pecan pie from Camelia Grill, turtle cookies from the once ubiquitous McKenzie's bakeries, crème caramel from Galatoire's, and crème brulée from Arnaud's Restaurant.

From the Publisher

Quintessential desserts from America's favorite food city.

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