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Fruit by Suzie Smith From The Essential Kitchen Series - This is a book all of us should have in our cookbook libray for it's usefulness for all seasons of the year. Even if some of the fresh fruits in the recipes are not in season at a particular time of the year, the author gives us alternative recipes which use dried fruit, or try her Warm Banana Cake with Caramel Bananas (a fruit that can be purchased anytime of the year).

Usually when I think of making a dessert, I usually think of fresh fruit, and this lovely and beautifully photographed book gives us so many choices for all kinds of fruits that can be used to make quick and easy desserts, all so very tasty and beautiful. Also there are great little recipes for savory dishes alike. You will love this book and I suggest keeping a copy on your kitchen counter, and grab it when you're looking for a delicious and delectable dish for your family or when you are having guests over.

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